1. To promote and protect the collective and common interests of the Container Train Operators.
  2. To act as consultative body for the Indian Railways and various other concerned Government Departments/Agencies, in policy formulation favourable to the common interest of the Container Train Operators.
  3. To represent to the Ministry of Railways and its various field formations for providing a congenial container train operating environment  on the Indian Rail infrastructure.
  4. To liaise with the Government and various Organization to promote the inland transportation of container freight by rail.

Ancillary Objectives:

  1. To keep abreast of the latest developments and technologies in the containerised logistic business, including the up gradation of designs and know-how within the country and abroad, and to disseminate relevant information to the Members.
  2. To arrange seminars/workshops to share experience and knowledge with other national and international organisations.
  3. To upgrade the  professional and managerial skills of its members by developing and organizing professional courses, singly and jointly in collaboration with other established institutes or bodies in the field of transport management. Particular emphasis is to be paid on transport innovation, economics, marketing, customer support and services; information technology, multi-modal and urban transportation; tourism, travel and hospitality, public relations and safety.
  4. To offer prizes and grand scholarships, fellowships and stipends in furtherance of the objective of  the association.
  5. To undertake consultancy assignments in the logistics business.
  6. To manage the funds and property (movable and /or immovable) of the Association in furtherance of the objectives of the association including supplementing resources through receipt of grants, gifts, loans, subscription, donations or any other financial contribution in cash or as securities, from within the country and/or abroad including bilateral and multilateral aid agencies, subject to prevailing laws.
  7. To manage the association through an institutional frame work with independent and autonomous authority, responsibility and flexibility for dynamic operation.
  8. To coordinate with the Indian Railways, various Government departments/agencies and interested container train operators to facilitate terminals, logistics parks, wagon maintenance workshops, etc.
  9. To carry out all such other activities, that are conductive or incidental to the administration of the Association and attainment of the Objectives of the Association.